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CELLRETURN BEAUTIFUL MIND is a CELLRETURN-led donation culture campaign that helps people create a beautiful tomorrow together.


Sharing Hearts,
Pink-colored Changes - Pink Ribbon Campaign

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The Beginning of Beautiful Changes in the World: This campaign was conducted to raise awareness about breast cancer and to provide support for patients' medical expenses. With CELLRETURN’s first BEAUTIFUL MIND project in 2019, CELLRETURN took the first step in gathering meaningful hearts and inspiring devotion for the realization of beautiful changes in the world.

Good Heart,
Good Consumption - Receipt Donation Campaign

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This campaign was launched to establish and spread a donation culture so that people’s humble desire to extend a helping hand to the needy could spark hope for them.

Sharing Hearts, Beautiful Changes - Heart Ribbon Campaign

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CELLRETURN’s Heart Ribbon Campaign was launched to raise awareness of heart disease and provide support for the medical expenses of patients.